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You will want to have sex with someone, or make out with them, or go down on them. Because you think you like doing that, or because you’re curious. But really you’re doing it because having that attention, even for that brief time, feels good. You think you’ll get a mini-self-esteem boost because someone wants you. They don’t want you. Or, they probably don’t. That sucks. But it’ll suck more if you do those things (sex, make out, etc) and you realize during or after that they don’t want you. And that you didn’t get the self-esteem boost you wanted. And you’ll realize all those times you had sex with people because you thought you liked it was really because you wanted to be wanted. Instead, you should make sure you’re doing those things for you. Make sure the power is in your hands. Even if all that happens andyou don’t regret those past decisions, it’ll still feel better when you regain the control. Besides, it’s more fun to be a bitch tease anyway. So just… really think first.


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